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Utilize the the Flickr API to:

  1. Display a grid of 24 images at a time, whether by user, keyword, or otherwise--your choice. Pagination is preferred for displaying records beyond this limit.
  2. Display the applicable metadata associated with each image
  3. Surface a list of options (i.e., image sizes, etc) available for the selected images
  4. Allow the ability to display and navigate these images in sequence after clicking on an image (e.g., carousel-style navigation)

Items to Consider:

  • Show competency in the use of the whole front-end stack (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) and creative user experience
  • Demonstrate quality and a thoughtful approach, completeness and depth of knowledge of front-end tools
  • Responsive design
  • Cross-browser (including IE > 9)
  • Show front-end techniques, libraries/frameworks, and tooling
  • Go the "extra mile."

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